Flicking through social media of late, it seems the world is divided into two camps. Those basking in European sunlight, drowning themselves in the sweet nectar of an Aperol spritz. And those who can barely afford a French breadstick from Coles. We're in camp B (for broke).

In partnership with Monster Children

Intrepid reporter, Dougal Gorman, is one of many perched above the equator right now. On tour with some of Australia's rawest musical talent, including Mini Skirt, Amyl and the Sniffers, and Bad Dreems, he is spending the next seven weeks bouncing around tour vans and capturing all of the debaucherous moments happening on and off stage. A wild ride we obviously had to snag a seat on. After a chat with Dougal and collaborative homies Monster Children, we decided to metaphorically jump on the tour bus, so we can peep all the mayhem via Gorman's lens.

Aperol Spritz in one hand, camera in the other, and a fresh baguette between the legs, Dougs will be our Euro correspondent over the next month and a half, reporting back on happenings and hangovers. To kick off the ramblings, he has returned to Portsall with darlings Mini Skirt (buy his PORTSALL? photo book HERE) for Festival De La Mer, before a run of shows in France and Switzerland. Get a taste below and then jump over to Monster Children for the full week 01 lowdown... 


Big love to Monster Children, Dougal and Mini Skirt. Check out more of Dougal's photography here and IG: @dougalgorman.
August 09, 2023