Photo Diary: Egypt Exploit

Photo Diary: Egypt Exploit

Egypt, a destination so steeped in history it feels like a portal to the ancient world. Photographer Ben McFayden, no stranger to offbeat adventures, captures the intricacies of culture and place in a downright visceral way. Read More...

May 24, 2023
Good Chat: Ryan Heywood - Hung Supply

Good Chat: Ryan Heywood

For our latest Good Chat outing, we threw the mic to our pal James Adams to shoot the breeze with the wildly accomplished surf photographer, Ryan Heywood. Read more...
March 06, 2023
Photo Diary: Fontaines D.C. - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: Fontaines D.C.

After a pandemic-induced, postponed tour, Dublin's Fontaines D.C. finally made it to Australia for their debut shows. Photographer James Adams was on site to capture the raw Celtic energy of their acclaimed live set. Read more...
February 10, 2023
Depository: 05 - Hung Supply

Depository: 05

Our creative community photo feature Depository is back for 2023. Kick back and take in this month's global submissions or gear up to get involved – we want to see your photos. Read more...
January 31, 2023
Bag Raid: Tom Hoy - Hung Supply

Bag Raid: Tom Hoy

We're back with Bag Raid, our slightly intrusive series where we dig through friends' camera bags. To kick off 2023, we linked up with Tom Hoy and had a peep inside his Sidewalk Camera Sling. Read More...
January 20, 2023
Photo Diary: Chopped 2022 - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: Chopped 2022

Best described as a rusty hook baited with drag racing, paddock bashing and live music – Chopped 2022 was not only back, but firing on all cylinders. Literal 'In the Field' correspondent Morgan Rudolph documents Chopped 2022. Read More...

January 09, 2023
Photo Diary: Vietnam - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: Vietnam

With more than 50 million motorbikes across Vietnam, the best way to see the country is to jump on one yourself. Photographer Nick Phipps roves across VN, film camera in tow. Read more...
December 19, 2022
Bag Raid: Kate Hook - Hung Supply

Bag Raid: Kate Hook

It's Bag Raid, our slightly invasive series where we upend camera bags and rifle through camera kit. This month, we dig through Kate Hook's Sidewalk Camera Sling. Read More...

December 01, 2022
Good Chat: Vince Perraud - Hung Supply

Good Chat: Vince Perraud

It's often said, the French do it better. From wine and cheese, to seduction; it's fair to say les Français are an impressive (and sexy) bunch. Photographer and Porsche enthusiast Vince Perraud is no exception to the rule. Read more...
November 01, 2022
Depository: Prints & Tees - Hung Supply

Depository: Prints & Tees

DEPOSITORY; A Group Show, is hanging at Wester Gallery, Newcastle until the end of October. For those who missed rolling through on the opening night, you can still see the show in all of its glory. Read More...

October 18, 2022
Depository: A Group Show - Hung Supply

Depository: A Group Show

Hung Supply proudly presents DEPOSITORY; A Group Show – our debut photography exhibition @ Wester Gallery, Newcastle this October. Come for the free beer, stay for the free beer (and pretty pictures). Read more...

September 29, 2022
Top 5: Frames w/ Nikhil Ranepura - Hung Supply

Top 5: Frames w/ Nikhil Ranepura

Nik's photos make for intimate viewing. There is something somewhat idealistic yet uncomplicated about his captures. Check out his Top 5: Frames. Read more...
August 20, 2022