Welcome back to Bag Raid, our mildly intrusive series where we politely ask our camera-savvy friends and community members to upend their camera bags so we can rifle through their kit and personal items. This month, we link up with Fantastikplastic a.k.a Angela Marlaud and dig through her Roscoe Camera Pouch.

Hailing from the Bay Area in California, Angela first flew onto our radar when she submitted some frames to our community photo feature, Depository. Since then, we've become avid admirers of her photography (and musical taste). Angela's passion for photography dates back to her youth, where she nurtured a desire to craft her own visual narratives. During her teenage years, she immersed herself in filmmaking using lo-fi camcorders, and always kept a disposable camera at arm's length.

Now, as a mother of two managing a hectic schedule, Angela has rediscovered the joy of image creation through film photography. This pursuit not only satisfies her creative aspirations but also enables her to forge deeper connections with both herself and numerous individuals in the global film photography community. As she puts it, "It's the thing that keeps me curious".

An avid fan of the Roscoe Camera Pouch, we were intrigued to see if Angela was still rolling the disposable camera with her daily essentials...


Kyocera TProof / Yashica T4 Super - A lightweight point and shoot with a fun waist level super scope – great for when you want to be discreet, and of course it has the amazingly sharp Zeiss lens.

Two rolls of film  - A rotating selection of favorites: Fujifilm 400, Portra 400, and Kodak ColorPlus.

Gum  - Gotta have it

Cards  - Credit, ID, metro card, which are stashed securely in the front pocket

Ear Buds - I'm probably listening to Vince Staples, PJ Harvey, Gang of Four, Kali Uchis, New Order, Kaytranada, NIN, Tame Impala, Stereolab…the list goes on.

Hey Angela, tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a mother, a photographer, an explorer, and an avid walker who’s walked tens of thousands of miles according to her step counter.

Where are you based? 

Born and raised in the Bay Area! Oakland has been my home for the last decade.

What was your first camera and how did you get into photography?

I was a 90’s teen, so I grew up with film photography. My first cameras were disposable ones that you could buy from any grocery store or pharmacy. My love of photography grew from my love of movies. The one movie that made me want to make my own art when it came out was Pulp Fiction. I had never seen anything like it and loved all of the camera angles. It also introduced me to the do-it-yourself nature of indie film. For photography, I remember the first time pulling LaChappelle Land from the bookshelf and being amazed at his bold use of color. Dave LaChappelle is a maximalist and brings out the ‘extra’ in his subjects. The worlds he created were the opposite of the cookie cutter suburbs I lived in, and really inspired me.

How long have you been shooting for?

I’ve been shooting in earnest for a year. I reintroduced film photography into my life on vacation in August, 2022. Since my camera was sitting on the shelf for a decade, I forgot that it had a faulty lens so none of my photos came out! Needless to say, I didn’t let that stop me and have been shooting almost every day since then.

Describe your photography process and style?

My style is very ‘on the fly’. I shoot what I see in the moment as I live my life. I’m attracted to colour and like to fill my frame with it. I also like to challenge myself with photography, and would like to experiment more with the ‘conceptualise and execute’ way of shooting this year.

What is your go-to camera set-up?

It really depends. I love having options for different focal lengths and film stocks so I never carry only one camera. On a typical day, I’ll have my Nikon F3/50mm lens and a small point and shoot like the Olympus Infinity Stylus, and if possible, a third camera loaded with 800 speed film because experience has taught me that when I think I don’t need 800 speed film in blazing daylight, the world will prove me wrong.

 What's your favourite film stock? 

It’s really hard to pick just one. I’m going to say Kodak ColorPlus for day time and CineStill 800T for night/low light.

What have you been pointing your lens at lately?

Summer is coming to an end, so lots of beaches and boats. We also take a yearly trip to France to visit my in-laws in Paris and sister in Holland; both beautiful places to photograph. Now that I’m back in my normal routine, I’m experimenting more with double exposures to keep things interesting. As a person who mainly shoots objects, I’m starting to explore the nuances of light and shadow and also putting people in my frame.

What makes for a perfect image? What do you look for in a frame?

I’m drawn to colour, things that have been taken over by nature/graffiti, or the one imperfect element in something that’s pristine.

I noticed you enjoy taking double-exposed photos. Is there a certain juxtaposition you look for when framing up your two shots?

For double exposures, the general rule is to shoot the darker subject first and then shoot something bright/colourful on top of it. You can also make cool effects shooting the same thing at different angles, or flipping your camera upside down on the second shot. It is endless experimentation and the perfect antidote for when I'm feeling uninspired.

What's the wildest thing you've done to get the shot?

Lol. Nothing more than some innocent trespassing through a hole in the fence someone before me was nice enough to cut. I’ll keep you updated if that changes though.

If you could only shoot one camera for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Nikon F3! Interchangeable lenses, a double exposure function, and it’s super strong and reliable. I always joke that the F3 will be one of the few things to survive an apocalypse.

Check out more of Angela's work via her IG: @fantastikplastic

Shop Angela's bag, the Roscoe Camera Pouch in Black / Orange, here.

November 29, 2023