Hung Supply® is more than a brand, we’re a community. We’re motivated by the intersections of cities, people and sub-cultures and exist to influence creative output within these spaces.

Hung Supply Mag is a digital space dedicated to telling global stories of culture by way of photography. A platform that shines a light on the authentic work of our skilled community members – the faces, places, photos, events and exhibitions. Hell, it's a platform dedicated to making you want to pick up a camera and go shoot more.
So get hyped and get involved.

We're always down to support our people and we welcome submissions from anyone who sees the world through a similar blurry lens. 

Please send your Magazine submissions to or tag us on Instagram @hungsupply and #hungsupply.

Please provide us with a caption or summary of your work, your social handles, the camera used and, if relevant, the film stock. Photographs should be in a .zip file, at least 2500 pixels wide, sRGB @ 150dpi. If you have any questions, please get in touch!