Hung Supply Photography Lachy Starling King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardKing Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Photo: Lachy Starling

Welcome back to Depository, our frequent photo feature where we ask the Hung Supply creative community to hustle together their favourite frames for submission. It's an assemblage of images from every corner of the globe virtually showcased for your viewing pleasure – and we want to see your photos next...

If you want to join the community and get involved, the rules are simple. Email or tag us in an original photo. Give us the lowdown on your frame - the who, what, when, where, why, and all that jazz. Take stock of the camera and film used to capture your masterpiece. Get featured.

Each week(ish) we'll showcase the chosen frames from our community submissions. Every now and then, we'll set a photo challenge and ask our global creative community to submit a photo with a certain 'theme'. The best submissions will win Hung product, film, a prize ribbon, honour, eternal glory, etc.

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For now, we gladly present to you the  Depository 02 submissions. In no particular order... 


Hung Supply Photo Feature Depository Nick Phipps

Photo: Nick Phipps
IG: @nickphipps_
Camera: Nikon FM10
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Location: Christchurch

Masked suburbia, an undercover car sits contrasting to its surroundings on the back suburban streets of Christchurch. - Nick


Hung Supply Photo Feature Charlie Foster


Photo: Charlie Foster
IG: @its_charlie_innit
Camera: Minolta SRT 101
Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200
Location: Rye Hotel, 
Mornington Peninsula

This frame was from a gig down at the Rye Hotel, they were hosting a mini-festival called No Fun on The Beaches. It was getting raucous and I saw the seccies getting excited and eager for some action, as they dragged this kid out of the room. I wanted to capture the commotion and found myself out on the stairwell taking the opportunity. The main seccy saw me and said to his mates, "get him too." After I took the shot I ducked away inside and made myself scarce for a while. I was there shooting my friend's band and nothing else happened from the incident, however, I managed to get a shot that I was really happy with. - Charlie


Hung Supply Photo Feature Sam Brumby King Stingray


Photo: Sam Brumby
IG: @sambrumby_
Camera: Fuji X100T
Location: Tasmania

King Stingray played Party in the Apocalypse in Launceston this summer. After a big night on the cold ones, I dragged them an hour west the following day to come and hang at my childhood home. We went for a dip in the river and the boys, Yipsy and Dima, made this Stingray out of rocks. It was a special little moment – seeing how their culture follows them everywhere. - Brumby


Hung Supply Photography Lachy Starling Stage Dive


Photo: Lachy Starling
IG: @lachystarling
Camera: Canon 70D
Location: Rad Bar (RIP), Wollongong

A photo of my mate Oliver Risi jumping off the windowsill at Rad Bar at one of the final shows before it was demolished. I shot this on a Canon 70D with a 10 - 22mm lens. - Lachy


Hung Supply Photography Morgan Rudolph


Photo: Morgan Rudolph
IG: @mqrgs
Camera: Nikon L35AF 'Pikaichi'
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Location: Melbourne

Two tone. Shot on Nikon L35AF 'Pikaichi' camera (meaning 'top notch' in Japanese). The trade name of Pikaichi was chosen to represent the wishes that the camera would take the best pictures and sell the most in the industry. - Morgan


Hung Supply Photography Joshua Barreno  

Photo: Joshua Barreno
IG: @filmbarreno
Camera: Contax T2
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Location: Melbourne

During the COVID-19 Melbourne pandemic we were locked down for the longest time in comparison to the rest of the world. I saw a bunch of kids make and ride this trolley around the parks. They later dumped it on the creek. Kids will be kids (though I decided to take it out for a spin later). It was a tough time, but it was encouraging to see the community still find ways to be creative despite isolation. - Joshua


Hung Supply Photography Christopher Carey


Photo: Christopher Carey
IG: @technicolor_poop
Camera: Nikon N75
Film: Kodak Portra 800
Location: Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Admittedly, Bourbon Street is a lot to handle. But every time I’m in New Orleans I make sure to go down there one night just to take it all in. On this particular night, I was randomly asking strangers to take their photographs, and this is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever shot. This group of friends was so nice and glad I could catch such a happy moment. I usually don’t ask random people for portraits, but this night definitely changed my way of thinking about it. This photo reminds me of the very moment, and oddly enough I got arrested for some dumb graffiti stuff not long after this photo. Still, I wouldn’t take it all back and it was worth the $100 fine. - Christopher


Hung Supply Photography Claire Warren


Photo: Claire Warren
IG: @claireandlouise_
Camera: Canon EOS 300 
Film: Kentmere Pan 400
Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne

A disco ball and an old record player I found backstage (I'm trying to take photos because I love taking photos, not just because it's my job to take photos)
 at the Workers Club, Fitzroy. This was taken on an old Canon EOS 300 which someone gave me because they didn't want it anymore. It's literally nothing special or valuable, but it has manual settings AND a flash. - Claire

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March 20, 2022