Struggling to get the creative juice flowing around the cranium? The Assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to challenge the way you approach your image-making. So, pull up for briefing and step outside your comfort zone, friend.

All photos: Battlecat

Each month we hand-select a skilled shooter from our creative community for a declassified photography assignment. However, these are no bang and burn operations – we set obstructions and parameters around the expedition to challenge our chosen photogs, encouraging them to push their creative boundaries. It's like a big treasure hunt for adults with cameras but more expensive (thanks to rising film prices), and there's a likely chance you will be told to 'fuck off' by a stranger. Fun times assured!

First up for the take? We tapped Melbourne based photographer Battlecat (aka Scott Ransley) for the job. Battlecat has a knack for capturing the weird and wonderful in the day-to-day, which made him the perfect candidate to complete our Street Photography Assignment. Battlecat develops his own black and white film and prefers shooting monochrome because it strips the image back to the rawness of the subject without emotional or inherited bias that can be attached to colours. Knowing this, we allocated two rolls of CineStill BwXX Double-X 35mm, however, he would also need to complete The Assignment using two rolls of Superia X-Tra 400 35mm.

Battlecat was briefed and assigned a 'street task list' of photo conquests to capture on the four rolls of film provided, within the allocated time frame.


Assignment 01: Battlecat Rules and Mandatories 

  • Capture as many street photo conquests from the checklist.

  • The chosen photographer is only allowed to shoot the four rolls of #35mm film assigned ( CineStill BwXX Double-X and Superia X-Tra 400 ) on their designated camera (Nikon F6).

  • Must shoot natural light only. No flash photography is allowed.

  • The assignment must be completed in a one week period.

  • Bonus points – develop your own black and white film.

Up for the task and armed with his Nikon F6, Battlecat hit the streets of Melbourne and the below photos are the playback. Operation complete? We sure as hell think so!

Task 01 - Shoot a bad haircut


Task 02 - Shoot a public display of affection


Task 03 - Shoot high energy


Task 04 - Shoot through a car window


Task 05 - Shoot the upcoming apocalypse


Task 06 - Shoot a hardworking citizen


Task 07 - Shoot parenthood


Task 08 - Shoot the city streets


Task 09 - Shoot authority


Task 10 - Shoot something that is broken


Task 10 - Shoot consumerism


Task 11 - Shoot curiosity


Task 12 - Shoot a smile


Task 13 - Shoot pain


Task 14 - Shoot chaos


Task 15 - Shoot contrast


Task 16 - Shoot the negative side of technology


Task 17 - Shoot love


Task 18 - Shoot movement


Task 19 - Shoot the slow decay of something


Task 20 - Shoot religion


Task 21 - Shoot transportation 


Task 21 - Shoot youth


Task 21 - Shoot rebellion 


Task 22 - Shoot nature


Task 23 - Shoot humility


Task 24 - Shoot someone waiting for public transport


Task 25 - Shoot fashion


Task 26 - Shoot someone's trash that could be someone's treasure


Task 28 - Shoot something with wheels


Task 29 - Shoot something with legs


Task 30 - Shoot a local business you like


Task 31 - Shoot your reflection


Task 31 - Shoot your happy place


Check out more of Battlecat's dope photography here and stay tuned for our next Assignment! In the meantime, if you think you're up for the task, drop us a line at

Black and white film developed by Battlecat.
C41 dev and scan by Halide Supply Lab.

March 21, 2022