All photos: Nikhil Ranepura / @ran_nran

When we first stumbled across Nik's photography by way of the community-based art platform, Canvas Collective, we knew we had to reach out to the Naarm-based photographer and delve a little deeper into his work and thought process. 

Nik's photos make for intimate viewing. There is something somewhat idealistic yet uncomplicated about his captures. A reflection of Nik's world and the people and places that embody it, each photo seamlessly tethers the subject, the viewer and the man behind the lens into a single moment. We asked Nik to send us his Top 5 Frames and the narrative behind each shot -- and he delivered.


The style of my photography is intended to be simple and free from noise; stripped of any unnecessary information as to ensure the evocated feeling is explicit and unassuming. I view my ‘work’ as a journal; an assortment of memories in which viewing them as a collective presents a world that reflects the tone and atmosphere that I feel whilst living through my experiences. In that sense, I find that my images aim to be partly surreal, perhaps a bit idealistic and romantic; gateways/conduits into a narrative that exists within my own subconscious.

It is partly why I enjoy presenting my friends in the way that their energy speaks to me, and subsequently seeing how the photos of them epitomize the emotions and moods that surround my life. This also includes my perception of certain places and objects, and the sentimentality that they possess. Such self-documentation, I find, is both a thoughtful and authentic way to not only recognise how those around you influence your life, but also to help you understand who you are as an individual. – Nik



F1: 'Seb'.
Camera: Olympus OM10 / 50mm 1.8
Film: TMAX P3200
Location: Fitzroy, Victoria.

Rave setups are underway. Naturally, Seb's got the axe.



F2: 'Quietude'. 
Camera: Pentax Pino 35 S
Film: TMAX 400, s
elf developed
Location: Rye, Victoria.

Cargo ships on the horizon; a purple evening. In a moment of quietude, a conversation keeps them engaged.



F3: 'Ms Coco'. 
Camera: Canon Autoboy Luna 35
Film: Ilford XP2 Super

Beware of the theme, blood; the walls are red. The clock strikes midnight; Coco's fangs appear.



F4: 'Mr Heeney'. 
Camera: Canon Autoboy Luna 35
Film: Cinestill BwXX

Location: Parkville, Victoria.

Magazines laid on the floor; his hair glows as he finds a rhythm.



F5: 'Evening with Mr Reid'. 
Camera: Olympus OM10 / 50mm 1.8
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Location: Caufield, Victoria.

Sherry in the bag, manny reds in the pockets. It's warm, yet there's a breeze.

Check out more of Nikhil's photography on his Instagram, here, and send your photo submissions to

August 20, 2022