Protective measures. The back street of Hurghada, Egypt. Photo: Ben McFadyen. IG: @thesewildeyesvideo. Camera: Contax G2 / Film: Kodak Portra 400

Welcome back to Depository, our ongoing photo feature where we ask you, our community, to hustle together your favourite frames for submission. Our inbox has been gifted gold, and our first Depository for 2023 is all class. As always, we're grateful to feature your images... so keep them coming! 

If you want to join the community and get involved, the rules are simple. Email or tag us in an original photo on Instagram. Give us the lowdown on your frame - the who, what, when, where, why, and all that jazz. Take stock of the camera and film used to capture your masterpiece. Get featured.

Each month we'll showcase the chosen frames from our community submissions. Every now and then, we'll set a photo challenge and ask our global creative community to submit a photo with a certain 'theme'. The best submissions will win Hung product, film, a prize ribbon, honour, eternal glory, etc.

To submit a photo to Depository, email or tag us in your photos on IG and hashtag #hungsupply. For now, kick back and enjoy an assemblage of images from across the globe, curated for your viewing pleasure. In no particular order... 


Photos: James Grossi
IG: @James.grossiii
Camera: Voigtlander Bessa R3A with 40mm Nokton / Fujifilm TX-1
Film: CineStill 800t
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Frame 01: For context, I’ve been heavy into synthwave and retrowave music for the past several years.  I was out street shooting with my friend Carlos. We came out from around the corner and I saw this gorgeous orange lambo, which in most other situations, I wouldn’t care to take its photo. However, it was as orange as the lights of the classic Fremont Hotel and Casino. Of course I had CineStill in my camera, and in my head The Midnight started playing. Then the driver let their doors fly and I snapped as they took their first step. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment.

Frame 02: Growing up in Vegas, I always want to try and capture the cinematic qualities of this great neon wonderland. Some of the best opportunities are at the end of Fremont St Experience, where the Plaza and Golden Gate Casino stand. With my TX-1, I thought how much neon can I get in a photo in an interesting Casino movie vibe. I’ve taken a lot of photos down here, but the panoramic framing is just so damn cool. No matter how many times you’ve taken a picture of something, it can be captured in many more ways. – James

Photo: Jim Griffiths
IG: @jimgriffithsphoto
Camera: Ricoh Digital GR
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Consider the Other, New Years Day. - Jim

Photos: Benjamin Buratto
IG: @yungbeej_
Camera: Contax T2
Film: CineStill 800t
Location: Carlton, Melbourne

Frame 01: Something is always changing.

Frame 02: I want to see the light. – Benjamin

Photos: Calin Jones
IG: @calinshootsfilm
Camera: Canon Elan 7
Film: Ilford HP5
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Frame 01 & 02: Shooting skate is always meaningful to me as it brings me back to my teen years of skating schools and getting chased out by security, we lived for that shit! Kyle Aubrey, in motion. – Calin

Photos: Ben McFadyen
IG: @thesewildeyesvideo
Camera: Mamiya 7 with 80mm
Film: CineStill 800t

The lone hot dog stand after hours. – Ben

Photos: Waylon Bone
IG: @waylonboner
Camera: Hasselblad 500cm
Film: Portra 400
Location: New York

Frame 01 & 02: These images are shot on my Hasselblad 500cm that I’ve been stuck on for the last year, with Portra 400 that I always push a lot and scan in myself. The slushy guy is at Coney Island, Brooklyn and the running kid is at Rockaway Beach, Queens, which is funny because those are the only two days I went to those places last summer. – Waylon

Photos: Naz Kawakami
IG: @nazkawakami
Camera: Olympus Stylus Mju-i / Canon F1 50/2.8
Film: Fujifilm Superia 400 / Ilford HP5
Location: Paris, France / New York City

Frame 01: Been Stellar in Paris shot on my Mju-i. I like low light, high contrast frames. This is one of those frames. 

Frame 02: Alex G in NYC Print. I shot this on HP5 shot at 800 on my canon F1. I try to frame the musician with the crowd as often as I can, or include both the act and the crowd in one shot to try and show them interacting. I also really like printing with a lens that's just a little too wide for the size because you get some nice misty vignetting. – Naz

Photos: Juwan Thomas
IG: @feelinfluid
Camera: Canon A1
Film: Fuji Superia 400
Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

Frame 01: Message to a friend, Baltimore, MD.

Frame 02: Lucky. Adult gift store on Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD. – Juwan

Photos: Lucy Lumen
IG: @lucy_lumen / Youtube: @LucyLumen
Camera: Leica R4S with Leica 90mm f/2.8 / Nikon L35AF
Film: Fujicolor C200
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Frame 01: I have shot this Chinese restaurant a few times. It is very traditional in its signage and aesthetic, which I love. Each time I pass I find a new way to capture it. This was shot with a 90mm lens which is a longer focal length than what I'm used to. This led to an abstract interpretation of this humble red awning. Can you tell I have a thing for red? Bundell, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Frame 02: Despite living pretty close to the beach I don't really photograph it that much. I find the photos can all end up looking the same and the landscape is visually quite predictable. This particular morning however I happened to have my L35AF slung around my neck and spotted this vivid red flag about to be put out and couldn't resist the red against the white of the sand. Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland. – Lucy

Photos: Angela Marlaud
IG: @fantastikplastic
Camera: Contax T2 / Lomo LC-A+
Film: CineStill 800t / Fuji Superia 400
Location: Oakland, California

Frame 01: One of my favourite things about photography is creating something new from the mundane. This was taken at the grocery store. I call it “cereal and lightsabers”.

Frame 02: I love double exposures of flowers for the dreamlike beauty they create. This one came with a bonus light leak. - Angela

Photos: Emilio Dümar
IG: @bydumar
Camera: Nikon F3 with 50mm
Film: Fujicolor C200
Location: Palm Springs, California

Frame 01 & 02: Whilst on a trip to Los Angeles, my plans to visit Palm Springs for the weekend were cancelled due to some mates getting Covid. My flight to Mexico was around the corner, so when my friend Rahart messaged me that he was heading to Desert Hills, I knew I had to tag along for a quick stop in Palm Springs. These photos are from one afternoon in the desert town where we soaked in the sun and adventured the suburbs. - Emilio

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January 31, 2023