I Love Your Wounds. Worcester, Massachusetts. Photo: Adam Schickling. IG: @schickshoots Camera: Pentax 67 / Film: Cinestill 400D

Our ongoing photo feature Depository is back with a vengeanceWe asked our global creative community to hustle together their favourite frames for inclusion and they've delivered, so we've done a special double-submission Depository. As always, we're grateful to everyone who submits photos for feature. Keen to get involved? It's time to gear up and get ready for our first Hung Supply Creative Community Photo Challenge...

So, you're down to join the Hung Supply Photo Community? It's easy and the rules are simple. Simply, email or tag us in an original photo and give us the lowdown on your frame - the who, what, when, where, why, and all that jazz. Take stock of the camera and film used to capture your masterpiece. Get featured.

We'll showcase the chosen frames from our community submissions in our ongoing Depository photo series. Every now and then, we set a photo challenge and ask our global creative community to submit a photo with a certain 'theme'. The best submissions will win Hung product, film, a prize ribbon, honour, eternal glory, etc.

To kick off our first HS Creative Community Photo Challenge, we're keeping it on brand. We want you to submit photos based on the theme 'The Sidewalk'. Obviously, the winner of the challenge will win a Hung Supply Sidewalk Sling + a Heavy Metal Keychain Carabiner. So gear up, hit the concrete jungle, and get shooting. The best street photography frame takes home the loot!

Submit your Depository: 05 Sidewalk photo entries to features@hungsupply.com or tag us in your photos on IG and hashtag #HungSupply #HSSidewalk.

The winner of the challenge will be announced August 30th, 2022. We'll publish the chosen submissions along with the winning frame in Depository: 05 Sidewalk.

For now, take note of our Depository: 04 submissions. In no particular order... 



Photo: Kyle Lochhead
IG: @kreepy_kyle
Camera: Minolta AF Big Finder
Film: Kodak Gold 200 + Ilford FP4
Location: St Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Frame 01: Cemeteries don’t have to be scary. Unless you want them to be. Then they can be scary. This one got scary cause a huge storm rolled through and cut off power to most of the town. I wasn’t scared though. St Ives, Cornwall UK 2019. Shot on Kodak Gold 200.

Frame 02: Down a dark and soggy bridle path through thick set scrubs, I would see this lonely, beautiful horse on my daily commute to work. Every day we passed each other and every day we just looked at each other but said nothing. I think she like it this way. St Ives, Cornwall. UK 2019. Shot on Ilford FP4 – Kyle



Photos: Hanako Müller
IG: @han.a.ko
Camera: Olmpus Om-4
Film:  Ilford HP5
Location: Victora, Australia

Frame 01: Summertime on the coast, at my mothers home, where the air is always damp and the washing never properly dries.

Frame 02: Elizabeth St. during lockdown, 2021

All of these were shot on my Olympus Om-4 film camera, using Ilford HP5 film stock. Most of my images are a reflection of my everyday observations, capturing mundane moments. I am drawn to shooting this subject matter for the way that it helps me slow down and feel more present within a moment or my surroundings. I also love the way that through portraying the commonplace, photographs like these have the ability to provide a sense of connection or familiarity. - Hanako



Photos: Jack Gruber
IG: @jackgruber
Camera: Canon 5d MKiii with Canon 15mm 2.8 +  Disposable
Location: Australia

Frame 01: Skeggs Ripped 2. A composite of two formats and two different scenes. If I remember correctly, the disposable got booted out of my hand in the crowd and kicked for about 3 songs before I found it. The Crowd shot was from Laneway Festival Sydney, the other frame was Skeggs ANU Bar Canberra gig. Ain't no shoppin' here. Images Printed of a $20 Canon printer from Big W, Ripped and taped together, scanned back in. Shot on Canon 5d MKiii with 15mm f2.8 + a disposable.

Frame 02: Mini Skirt reeling em' in at the hot and sweaty Lulies Tavern. Flood Relief show, Abbortsford, Victoria. Shot on Canon 5d MKiii with 15mm f2.8 - Jack.



Photos: Rodrigo Onzi
IG: @onziphoto
Camera: Mamiya RZ67 + 110mm
Film: Cinestill 800T
Location: Brixton, UK.

Every time I go out with my camera I try to notice situations that catch my attention. For this portrait series, I was walking in Brixton and I noticed this little kid, Ronan, who was training with the more experienced skateboarders and with the same intensity to improve. He was really nice and let me do some portraits in what was just another day in his life. I really like photographing everyday life, I think the beauty of life are in those moments. – Rodrigo



Photos: Louis Florin
IG: @louisflorin_
Camera: Olympus OM1
Film: Ilford HP5+
Location: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Frame 01: Sandy hike in the dunes of Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Frame 02: Reverse speedy rider. I spent the whole trip in the back of the van, as I was the only one not getting car sick driving the winding roads of the island. So, I took some photos. – Louis



Photos: Claire Murphy
IG: @clairemrphy
Camera: Yashica T4 Zoom + Canon 1DX
Location: Puerto Rico

Frame 01: Noah, Jody and Rolo getting ready for a session in Puerto Rico. Shot on Yashica T4 Zoom.

Frame 02: Noah Collins rail work, Puerto Rico, shot on Canon 1DX – Claire




Photos: Adam Schickling
IG: @schickshoots
Camera: Leica M6 + Nikon FM2
Film: Cinestill 800T + Kodak Vision 3 250D
Location: Massachusetts

Frame 01:  I Don't Wanna Find Out. Shot on Leica M6 and Cinestill 800T. Boston, Massachusetts. 

Frame 02: Lemme Know When You Stop Beating. Shot on Nikon FM@ and Kodak Vision 3 250D. Somerville, Massachusetts.  – Adam



Photos: Nick Timson
IG: @n.timson
Camera: Nikon L35AF
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Location: Wurrundjeri and Dja Dja Wurrung land in Naarm (Melbourne).

Stomping Ground is a documentary look in at the diverse and unpredictable Naarm (Melbourne) dance music scene, focusing on who considers themselves part of the scene, what they’re wearing, how they dance and what keeps the events running. The project takes the primary form of a photobook with five copies made in the first edition, and its second edition currently in the works. The project was taken on Nikon L35AF, on Kodak Portra 400 (minus a few frames shot on yucky backup Fujifilm Superia XTRA 400 as a last resort). – Nick


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July 20, 2022