Welcome to Depository, our frequent photo feature where we ask our talented creative community to hustle together their favourite frames and submit the photographs closest to one's heart. An assemblage of images from every corner of the globe virtually showcased for your viewing pleasure.

Depository also serves as a pleasant corner of the internet where one can discover new photographers, indulge in the work of others, or get a quick bump of inspiration before stepping out to take aim with their own lens. Want to join the community and get involved? The rules are simple...

Email or tag us in an original photo. Give us the lowdown on your frame - the who, what, when, where, why, and all that jazz. Take stock of the camera and film used to capture your masterpiece. Get featured. Simple enough.

Each week(ish) we'll showcase the chosen frames from our community submissions. Every now and then, we'll set a photo challenge and ask our global creative community to submit a photo with a certain 'theme'. The best submissions will win Hung product, film, a prize ribbon, honour, eternal glory, etc.

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For now, kick back and enjoy Depository 01 submissions.


Photo: Marcus Valderrama
IG: @macvaldee
Camera: Leica M6
Film: Lomo800
Location: San Francisco

This photo was taken on April 15th which in San Francisco is known as 4 1 5 Day (our area code), so it was a day of celebration. This car was cruising around the corner of 18th and Valencia right around sunset and I got lucky with a couple of photos of it making the turn. - Marcus



Photo: Jamie Krups
IG: @jamiekrups
Camera: Olympus Pen F
Film: Ilford HP5+
Location: Johannesburg

These two frames were taken out of a taxi window on my Olympus Pen. It was my first time using a half-frame camera and the first time I ever developed my own black and white film. I really like the photos from this first roll, however, I'm yet to use the camera since. - Jamie



Photo: Dougal Gorman
IG: @dougalgorman
Camera: Canon 6D
Location: Melbourne

The Pist Idiots getting sweaty with the Frankston Freaks. Shot on my ol' faithful 6D. The Pisties are kicking off their Idiocracy Tour next week, I recommend checking them out. - Dougal



Photo: Mikki Gomez
IG: @35mm.only
Camera: Contax T2
Film: Fujicolor 100
Location: Sydney

Vacant Chairs. Freedom during a pandemic and the first major festival since covid struck. - Mikki



Photo: James Adams
IG: @thejamesadams
Camera: Contax G2
Film: Kodak P3200
Location: Sydney

Kirin J Callinan moved in down the street from me so we start photographing random objects that had been synonymous with his career. He wanted to release the images as ‘Artifaks’. I shot this on my trusty Contax G2 with what looks like the 28mm lens. The film is interesting. Along with Maclay Heriot, I was approached by a bloke that used to work at Kodak. He was slinging expired film that had been kept in a fridge. This was some of the Kodak P3200, that Maclay told me was native at 1600, so that’s what I shot it at. Not sure if it was because it was stored in a fridge or Maclay's advice… or both, but it came out pretty crisp. - James



Photo: Lincoln James
Camera: Ricoh KR-5
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Location: Sydney

I was rushing down my apartment stairwell on the way to work one winter's morning when I looked out the window and saw the little girl in the opposite apartment block during swans in the window condensation. I ran back upstairs and quickly grabbed my girlfriend's camera, as it was the only one with film in it at the time, and fired off two frames.  I knew it was a special moment and hoped that one of the shots came out. I love that anticipation with film. - LJ



Photo: Vasco Eguren
IG: @vascoeguren
Camera: Canon AE-1
Location: New York

I shot this frame during a scorching New York summer's day back in 2018. It was cool to spend time in New York taking photos where I got to explore and dedicate a lot of time improving my compositions and photography style. - Vasco

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March 04, 2022