It's Bag Raid, our slightly invasive series where we politely ask our camera pals and community members to upend their camera bags so we can rifle through their camera kit and personal belongings. This month, we dig through Kate Hook's Sidewalk Camera Sling...

Meet Kate Hook, an artistic photographer based in Brighton, UK. Kate specialises in experimental photography, pushing boundaries with analog equipment and materials to the far-flung corners of creativity. A rule breaker, and an often hilarious one at that, Kate uses less than conventional methods in her photography practice to produce otherworldly images. 

Creating in-camera and often souping her films, Kate's work is cinematic and surreal – always challenging the viewer to go beyond reality. Captivated by her image-making process and unconventional techniques, we asked Kate a handful of questions and whether she'd let us peep inside her bag of magic tricks. She kindly obliged...



Nikon Film Camera (F3 or F100) - Loaded with some Kodak and stacked up with some Cokin filters.

Ricoh FF-9SD Limited Point and Shoot - Because one camera is never enough. It's also limited edition. 

Film! - Kodak, Lomochrome, Cinestill, Fujifilm.  I have a soft spot for Portra. I love Lomochrome films as well. They're all wonderful in their own special ways.

Cokin Filters - Maybe a super speed filter and some starry ones too!

Film Picker you never know when you may need or want to retrieve the end of your wound film.

Sharpie - For tagging up film canisters.

Self Adhesive Googly Eyes and Beads - for sticking on faces! It's an unintentional thing I've done in my photos since I was a teenager, so always gotta some extra sparkles packing.

Keys, Wallet, Carmex - Daily essentials that I don't leave home without.



How did you get into photography? 

My dad, granddad and great-uncle, were all into photography. When I was very little, I remember my granddad Arthur teaching me how a Polaroid camera works. My parents also took my brother and I to art galleries when we were young. From early on in life I was inspired creatively.

How long have you been shooting for?

I say 15 years... but it's definitely been longer than that, haha! I used to take my dad's Ricoh to school, as I was of the age where we didn't have smartphones. My friends and I took photos on film cameras instead. 


Describe your photography process and style?

I would say chaotic if I had to be honest. My process has only become a lot more polished in the last few years. Before, I was pretty reckless. My work never stemmed from a fully professional intention. I read somewhere that "play" is the opposite of depression. So for me, it's always been more about the art of play – which I hope is evident in my photos!

What do you enjoy about taking photos?

I've always enjoyed capturing what's going on around me. That, and learning different photography methods and techniques. I find it all so interesting. I'm always looking for something new to learn regarding photography.

Check out more of Kate's work below and explore her Instagram, TikTok and Youtube channels for more analog adventures.

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Additional photos: Louisa Wilkie.

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December 01, 2022