Exhibition: Offbeat

Exhibition: Offbeat

We link with Brayden Maybury, the mind behind OFFBEAT—a group photography exhibition and magazine—launching in Newcastle this Friday. Read more...
February 29, 2024
Exhibition: Null & Void

Exhibition: Null & Void

'I’m no longer of the belief that you need a grand reason to print photos large, gather friends, and enjoy a handful of complimentary drinks.' James Adams on how to avoid becoming 'Null & Void'. Read more...

February 15, 2024
Photo Diary: Chopped 2022 - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: Chopped 2022

Best described as a rusty hook baited with drag racing, paddock bashing and live music – Chopped 2022 was not only back, but firing on all cylinders. Literal 'In the Field' correspondent Morgan Rudolph documents Chopped 2022. Read More...

January 09, 2023
Depository: A Group Show - Hung Supply

Depository: A Group Show

Hung Supply proudly presents DEPOSITORY; A Group Show – our debut photography exhibition @ Wester Gallery, Newcastle this October. Come for the free beer, stay for the free beer (and pretty pictures). Read more...

September 29, 2022
Photo Diary: CPH Open 2022 - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: CPH Open 2022

Intrepid reporter Dougal Gorman slides Copenhagen onto his travel itinerary, venturing to CPH Open to photograph three days of skateboarding and boozing madness. Read more...
July 11, 2022
Photo Diary: Loods @ Lost Sundays - Hung Supply

Photo Diary: Loods @ Lost Sundays

A Loods set feels like an extended sojourn at some Italian coastal comune, an aperitivo in hand; it swelters with sunset vibes and holiday energy. Read more...

November 15, 2021