Cars and cameras, both inventions of the nineteenth century, have undergone drastic changes over the years, evolving into digitalised, AI-powered, and somewhat futuristic forms. However, change and progression aren't always for the better (we're looking at you, Yashica 'I'm Back' Micro Mirrorless Camera), as there's always the notion that 'they don't make them like they used to'.

Perhaps that's why film photographers are drawn to the timeless allure of classic cars, much like they are to the analogue processes of film photography. Our friend, Photographer Jo Savage, is one such person captivated by classic cameras and classic wheels. For the past three years, Jo has passionately and incessantly documented countless means of transport, from the seaside to the summit, and everywhere in between, in a jaunt that's taken her across continents. Jo collects snaps of relics like a dusty antique store owner, with the intention of compiling the broader collection into a book that'll demand coffee table real estate. Kind enough to give us a taste of her project's efforts, we asked Jo about her appreciation for classic and crusty cars.

“Seaside, salty rigs, veterans of desert expeditions, or just relics that pass the years performing mundane day-to-day tasks in style, they’re the quiet heroes of our global communities. They’ve seen things. They’ve made miles. They’ve had adventures. Pristine or decrepit, if they have character and intrigue, I’ve taken their photos after marinating for a few moments in admiration and praise of their presence on this planet. Most were shot on 35mm, some on 120 film.”

It's obviously hard to point your lens at all that car candy without wanting to throw down on your own set of vintage wheels, hence why Jo's finally landed her very own relic – a red, 1968 Ford F100. Keep an eye out for the book that will be released “one day” and peep more of Jo's work, here, and on Instagram.

May 06, 2024