For our latest Photo Diary feature, photographer Gian Maitelli takes us on a visual trip through Caxias do Sul, a quaint city in Southern Brazil. Returning to his hometown for the first time since 2019, Gian captures the essence of daily life with a fresh perspective. Through the lenses of his trusted Yashica T3 and Fuji GS 645s, Gian pulls the curtain on the city's distinctive charm and character.

Photos & Words: Gian Maitelli / @gcmaitelli

These photographs capture the essence of daily life in Caxias do Sul, a city nestled in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. Taken during my visit in February 2024, these images represent my first photographic exploration of my hometown since relocating abroad in 2019.

Equipped with a Yashica T3 and a Fuji GS 645s, I aimed to convey the unique atmosphere and character of the city. Through these lenses, I sought to highlight the unassuming beauty and simplicity of Brazilian life. Each frame is a testament to the casual yet vibrant spirit of the people and the environment that shapes their everyday experiences.

The project is inspired by the song “Cotidiano” by Chico Buarque, known for his cultural and social reflections on Brazil.




June 27, 2024